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Mike Stickler

Topic: 12 Secrets to Winning Grant Funding
Presenter: Mike Stickler
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"Successful proposal writing is not what most people think." — Mike Stickler

All too often grant writing instruction is focused on just that: writing. The focus on writing is misplaced when it comes to winning. For nearly 20 years, we have developed thousands of organizations and individuals into WINNING grant writers. Some of them even have their own successful careers as professional grant writers. It's because I focus on what it takes to WIN a proposal, not just write one.

In today's competitive environment, what is required to WIN is based on several factors with funders and then creatively presenting a proposal to a potential funder. In this session, you will be walked through the process of the Twelve Secrets I have learned to get my proposals to the funding round. You will learn to make the approach and identify the goals of the funders to best match your needs with their focuses. Plus, you will learn how to build funders into life long partners to your organization.

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